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Hunderhassen House, Vienna, Austria (Video)
Hunderhassen House is Vienna's second biggest tourist attraction and reflects the city's colourful side.

Designed by artist Hunderwasser, he wanted to prove that with a house in the city you could still live in harmony with nature. At a glance, "The Hundertwasser House looks like something out of an animated movie. Its playful character is inescapable. The entrance has a massive water fountain and vibrant colors like yellows, oranges, and blues that give the house a dazzling exterior. Huge onion shaped gold colored towers rest on the top of the building, extending a dreamy appearance to it. The house defies all the norms of academic architecture. The walls are made of only brick and the unique dwelling has more than 200 trees, plants, and bushes growing amidst the concrete. Even more fascinating is that inside it is an apartment complex housing local residents. The people who live here have become used to the fact that it is a major tourist attraction and almost always surrounded by groups of tourists eager to catch a glimpse of a house that truly signifies the back to nature theme.
Posted by: 3D-Archive | 29/06/2010 10:26
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