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Links for FREE 3d models and textures.

  • ARCHIBAR -  10+10 FREE  HQ  3d models and textures every day .
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey - Modeling archive of 3D models of 2001 ships in various formats.
  • Aero3d Classic Warbirds 3d Model Collection - CD-ROM contains ten high-quality 3D graphics models of WWII airplanes in 3DS, OBJ, and COB formats.
  • Aeronautica 3D - Aviation 3D models.
  • Altair Models - Library of high quality, 3D digital models is now available to customers worldwide. Sample models available.
  • Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc. - Online 3D model sales, custom 3D modeling, free model meshes, textures and objects, 3D modeling books and tutorials.
  • Andi3d - Poser ready pp2 prop with rsr and texture, and cr2 figure models, for download in zip format. Gallery of art work by Andrew Rolfe.
  • Art Recon Inc. - 3D reconstructions of objects related to historical art styles. Royalty free models dedicated to the Greek and Roman Art. 3ds, lwo, obj, dxf, dmf available on 3 CD-ROMs with printed catalog.
  • Artifice DesignWorkshop - Design oriented 3D modeling, rendering, and walk through software for architects spatial designers. A few 3D models to download.
  • Baumgarten Enterprises - 3D modelling and graphics. Free creatures and clothes for Poser, as well as additional meshes.
  • 3D Products - Commercial 3D polymesh, Poser4 ready. Suitable for other programs such and Bryce, 3D Studio Max, Wavefront. Custom work available.
  • 4 Bytes - Several very large collections of 3D models and textures available for purchase. Also a few plugins for 3D Studio MAX.
  • Cache Force 3D Computing Ltd. - Humans, architecture, visualization, clipart. 3D collections for sale.
  • Creepy's Poser - Free 3d models, textures, and Creepy's V3 character face.
  • 3D02 - Online 3d graphics and 3d models store. Register to use the library or buy the models directly. Models are arranged in categories for instant download. Several free samples are available.
  • 3d Art Daniella's Gallery - A collection of 3D images done with various software, 3d models, textures and landscapes. 3D models and scenes can be downloaded royalty free, but membership is required.
  • 3D Car Models - 3D car models collection in formats .3ds, .dxf, .lwo, .obj on CD.
  • 3D Construtex Libraries - More than 2000 3D models and 6000 2D symbols ready to use, in DWG, DXF and 3DS formats. Organized in families: furniture, bathroom, kitchen, shops, office, vehicles, persons, trees, and plants. [Commercial]
  • 3D Dreamland - Contains a small selection of free 3D meshes and textures.
  • 3D Lapidary Gems - This non-commercial site provides 3D graphic artists with models (DFX) of real gemstones, as well as jewelry-related information for use in artwork. The models, tutorials and information are all free for any artist to use.
  • 3D MeshWorks - Download craft meshes in 3DS, MAX, LWO, COB, and SCE formats also reference photos.
  • 3D Models and Links - Free 3D models in 3DS format of WW2 vehicles and links to other sites.
  • 3D ModelWORKS - A marketplace where modelers and consumers can view artwork, buy, sell, and display or give away models and textures. The uniqueness of this site is that the models can be viewed in 3D.
  • 3d Special - Site offers 3d mesh objects in several practical sets of 50-150 for direct download, with textures.
  • 3D Star Wars Models - A collection of vehicles from StarWars in Imagine format.
  • 2d Studio - Supplier of 2d Architectural CAD Graphics in DWG and DXF format. Include modern vehicles, airplane, common trees and people. Product specifications on individual packages, and ordering information.
  • The 3D Studio - Free pre textured models in MAX, 3DS format and high quality seamless textures.
  • 3D Web Animation - One hundred models, all available for free download. Preview any model in interactive b3d format, and download the zipped 3ds max.
  • 3D World Club - High quality 3D models exchange system. Membership purchase is required.
  • DACort Graphics - 3D models and figures for Poser, some free, plus a gallery.
  • daz-3d Poser Modeling Company - Specializes in characters and human figures, custom modeling, developed models in all major formats.
  • Digimation's Model Bank Collection - Collection of more than 4,600 detailed and fully textured 3D models divided into fifteen categories including military and civilian vehicles, aircraft, ships, animals, architecture, furnishings, plants, and anatomy. Available in all major 3D software formats including.
  • Digital Dimensions - Specialising in commercial models and visualisations for the architectural industry.
  • 3Dimension - Download or contribute with images. Gallery, models, textures, and free plugins.
  • 3dmaestro.Com The Online Resource Source - Flash site with free models, textures, tips, and design resources. [Best viewed with Microsoft IE.]
  • DMesh - A mesh generation and distortion tool for use with 3D modeling, rendering and animation software. Its primary focus is the creation of smooth-surface mesh objects by applying surface distortions to standard 3D primitives.
  • - Part of CacheForce; a 3D modeling company's effort to inform and help those interested in 3D models. Show new 3D models to the 3D animation crowd.
  • 3dmodelz Resource Site - Free models of buildings, characters, creatures, household, vehicles, Sci-fi, textures, and wallpapers.
  • - A free 3D model site specializing in high resolution plant and vegetation models, in 3DS and DXF formats. Includes tutorials, image gallery, and 3D resources.
  • Dreams and Magic - Free 3d objects and textures. Services include 3D computer animation, graphic design, 3D modeling, web design and hosting.
  • 3d4TV - Free 3D models in 3ds format, high quality textures, and gallery of artwork.
  • - Free 3D models for VisualFX, broadcast, films and TV, plus news items within the 3D industry.
  • Elf - Free architecture models in .obj format.
  • Evelio's B5 3D Model - An attempt to index all Babylon 5 3D models available on the Internet.
  • extrudeZ - Custom 3d models, 3d meshes and Poser figures available for purchase or licensing. Models available in native Poser 4, Bryce 5, and Carrara format as well as Wavefront OBJ, dxf and 3ds formats.
  • Flash Fire Designs - Commercial 3D computer models, custom modeling, conversion service, custom texture maps, and 3d GIF animation and graphic design. Most popular PC/MAC/SGI 3D software formats are supported. Sample model available.
  • Forward Design - 3D objects in several formats for download. Cartegories include animals, vehicles, miscellaneous, human, household and buildings.
  • Francesco Franceschi 3D Objects - Several pages of 3D objects for download in LWO, DXF, COB, and OBJ formats.
  • Free the Models - Free 3d models .3ds,.wav, for Bryce, Poser, Max and free textures.
  • Great Buildings Online - Free 3D models of great buildings.
  • The Great Escape Studios - Free 3D models, Truespace support, and web design for Florida.
  • Ground Plane - Bit Brush Graphics - Professional fully textured 3D Models for outdoor renderings. Models are available on CDs.
  • Gunpoint-3d - Purchase hi-poly models of military tanks and armored vehicles of WW1, WW2 and modern day, available by individual download or on CD. Mesh formats available: 3DS Max, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio. Illustration pictures, and custom modeling.
  • hamaPatch Resources - Offers free hamaPatch models which can be exported to many formats with the hamapatch program. Also contains links to other model sites, tutorials, and plug-ins.
  • It's Ming - A commercial 3D clip art resource, specializing in cartoon character creations.
  • kit3Dmodels - Retail sales of 3D furniture, lamps and accessories. Models are in Max3.0 or DXF format. Samples of free textures and models are available.
  • Klicker - Download 3DS models of plants, trees, interior, human, and low resolution scenes.
  • LAVA - Global resource for architecture, site contains free 3D architectural models in several formats.
  • Laweegie Drafting - Offers free Truespace models in cob format.
  • Lemon 3D - Download 3D models in 3ds format; available are twenty-one WWII aircraft (low polygons).
  • Marco Cavet's Langweilige Home Page - Models of Babylon 5 and Captain Future spacecraft in 3D Studio MAX format.
  • Mesh Factory - Online catalog of 3D models in MAX, 3DS, and Lightwave formats. Features mainly civilian and military transport. Credit cards accepted for easy online ordering.
  • Meshbank - Free 3D models in .obj format.
  • Meta3D - Listing of 3D models of architecture, household and furniture, characters, transportation, hi-tech, mechanics and others in 3DS format. Professional tutorials for 3D Studio MAX users. Image gallery and rendering effects.
  • MetalEarth Studios - Low poly models for games, simulations and realtime usage. Includes characters, creatures, weapons, and vehicles, in 3dsmax 3 and 4 format. Purchased models, are delivered instantly via download. Custom model work available.
  • Model Masters Free Models - Some free sample models in 3DS format from the Interiors-1 FotoReal CD.
  • Modelers Gallery - Several models in 3D Studio Max (R3) format.
  • The Movie Mesh Site - 3D Studio objects from SF movies like Alien, War of the Worlds, Predator, and Toy Story.
  • Mr Furniture - 3d furniture models for architects, interior designers and visualization companies. Free samples available.
  • New World Graphics - Producer of 3D models. For corporate, residential, retail space and urban design, in DWG and DXF formats.
  • Newstoffels 3D eXperience - Detailed Star Trek meshes USS-Fleming and USS-Cochran shuttle. Gallery and movies, made with Lightwave and MAYA.
  • Nixon - Several 3D Star Wars models in 3DS format.
  • PlanIT 3D - Free 3D models, textures, sound fx, tutorials and architectural resources.
  • Poitra Visual Communications - 3D Model catalogue includes furniture, animals, antiques, antiquities, trains, ships, and military. Custom modeling services are also available.
  • Polygon Studios - 3D model sales and custom models, animation, and solutions for movies, game companies large and small businesses, and individuals.
  • Poser Builder - Custom builds real models or prototypes directly from Poser files, using Rapid Prototyping.
  • Princeton 3D Model Search Engine - Search for two or three-dimensional models by drawing them and/or using keywords. Search results shown in thumbnails with link to referring web page.
  • Protofex 3D - Free and purchasable high resolution 3D Models available for Bryce, Vue, Lightwave, Max, Maya, and other 3D imaging software users. Textures and bumps are also available.
  • Rocky - Custom 3D models, rapid prototyping, laser scanning. Some free models for download.
  • SCHENKER CAD-Design & 3D Modeling - Company develops quality 3D objects, as well as individual 3D symbols and 3D models for current CAD architecture programs. Models are available in DXF or 3DS-Format for 3D Studio and AutoCAD.
  • - Retailer of highly detailed 3D computer aircraft models available in OBJ and 3DS format. There is also a gallery of digital art.
  • The Singularity - Provides original 3D models to the public and corporate sector. All models are created in house by 3D artist and modeler Sparky.
  • Sixus1 Media - Original figures for Poser.
  • A Space Library - Models of NASA spacecrafts in various formats.
  • Star Trek Meshes Collection - Collections of Star Trek meshes and 3D objects for free download on the web. Includes ships and stations from many races, most in several 3D formats MAX, 3DS, LWO, and COB.
  • Stormi Touch - Specializing in character and textures for Poser DAZ Millenium figures.
  • The123d - Purchase 3d furniture models. Library contains high quality 3d furniture assets giving an accurate representation of the original objects. Free download available.
  • Tobor Meshes - Collection of 3D sci fi meshes, in Max2 and 3DS format.
  • UK VR-SIG 3D Object Archive - An interface to a collection of freely available 3D object files which have been compiled for their applicability to real-time graphics applications, and virtual reality (VR) in particular.
  • Viewpoint Model Bank - Exclusive distributor of the Model Bank, a collection of nearly 5,000 3D models with photo-realistic texture maps. Use of the models requires obtaining a license.
  • VisionMedia - 3D textured model catalog of cities, skylines and buildings from around the world. Buy an existing model or have one custom made.
  • Web 3d Services - Company provides custom modeling and animation services with several free models and tutorials.
  • Wolf359 Mesh Downloads - Meshes in 3DS format: Starswars, Star Trek and Babylon 5.
  • Zygote Media Group 3D - Commercial 3D models, particularly characters and human figures. Custom modeling, models developed in all major formats. Online purchase of individual items, or order a CD.


  • - Abnormal and normal human textures, also for monsters. Samples online, or order the CD.
  • ARCHITEXTURES ExcluZ - Free textures archive. The best HQ Textures. 
  • Bit Brush Graphics - True 3D textures for 3D modeling on CD. Textures, surface maps and backgrounds for 3D graphics and computer modeling. Textures include customized bump, specular, glow and transparency maps. Free sample textures are available for download.
  • Blade's Textures and Tiles - Free and commercial hand-created seamless textures that are perfect for sci-fi, fantasy, photo-realistic artwork.
  • Brodatz Textures - Assortment of free textures.
  • Capitan Textures - Offers users free 3d seamless textures.
  • - Textures from the categories fantasy, artifical and nature.
  • CUReT Columbia Utrecht Texture Database - Researchers at Columbia University and Utrecht University have collaborated in an extensive investigation of the visual appearance of real-world surfaces. This joint effort has resulted in three databases. Information about the database, samples, BTF (Texture) Measurements, BRDF Measurements, BRDF Parameters, download the database, and documentation.
  • Forest Gump Textures Library - Library of several hundred freely available textures, arranged by category.
  • The Foundation 3D Texture Library - A collection of high-quality, seamless textures for commercial use in 3D artwork or level design.
  • Hyperfocal Design - Developers of high-resolution 3d textures for computer graphics professionals.
  • KTn 3D Models and Textures - Free RWX, 3DS, OBJ models and seamless wood, rock, textile, metal, tile, brick, rust texture downloads. Active Worlds tree sprites (picture objects).
  • Marlin Studios - Developers of seamless textures on CD.
  • Mutation - High-resolution textures on CD-ROM, to use in various image and video editing, animation and 3D applications like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Bryce, Poser and 3D MAX.
  • My Catholic Home Page - Backgrounds for web pages of any sort. Also some textures and bumps for 3D applications.
  • Photographic Textures - These can be used as 3D model surfaces, backgrounds or to hang on the wall. Texture Kit available online they include cutout objects and transparency maps to create textures easily.
  • Pixelpoke - Free hi-res 3D textures that include seamless tiles of fabrics, woods, masonry, and object maps. Updated frequently.
  • PlanIT 3D - Free textures of masonry, wood, metal, vegetation, roads, fabric, carpet, floors, and wall deco. Also models, tutorials, sound fx, ergonomics and architectural resources.
  • PlasmaStormGraphics - Graphic design and resources featuring the Natural elements texture CD. High quality original diffuse/bump texture maps in seven categories. Individual sets also available.
  • Real Texture Library [tm] - A large library of photo-derived tilable royalty-free textures for realistic simulators and games available for purchase. A few free samples.
  • Realworld Imagery - Photorealistic textures of people, trees and shrubs, building materials, surfaces, vehicles, indoor plants, and others available on CD. Free samples at website.
  • Renfield Imaging - Gallery of intriguing 3D seamless textures. All images free for download with new images added monthly.
  • Shebob's Texture Factory - Textures of rust, metals, slime, and wood, files are in .PCX and JPG format.
  • Space Graphics - High quality Earth and Mars planets maps, wallpapers and resources for 2D and 3D content creator. LightWave and/or Terragen compatible meshes, and terrains.
  • StormVision Textures - High quality royalty free textures arranged in several categories like fabric, marble, metal, organic, stones, brick, and wood.
  • Subverse Tiling Textures - Texture packages including doors, vents, windows, crates, metal, and industrial. TGA and ZIP files for direct download for use in 3D games and applications.
  • Texture Box - A subscription based digital stock photography library catering to 3d modeling, animation, and game development. Free textures are available.
  • Texture Monk - Provides textures and source photographs for use with games design/ development , 2D and 3D models, websites, and graphical work.
  • Texture Workshop - Terminal Studio - Multifunctional toolbox that allows turning practically any picture into a repeatable tile very quickly and easily. Such tiles are used as backgrounds of web pages, as wallpapers, as textures for 3D objects and for many other purposes. [Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP]
  • Texture World - Textures for 3D, multimedia, video and the web. Very large selection available for purchase on online.
  • Textures - Large collection of textures for personal non-commercial use only. The textures, are arranged into categories. Also provides tutorials for texture mapping, creating arbitrary dimensional textures and further instructions.
  • Textures to The Max - Professional Textures libraries and materials, available on CD. Tutorials are about materials and Mapping using any software.
  • - Sales of 2d textures for use in 3d models. Subscription model available that allows access to all textures.
  • VB Exteriors Textures - Textures without visible repeats, suitable for large surfaces, several bump maps for different aging of materials. Demo downloads available.
  • Virtual Horizon - Collection of textures that can be used for 3D art work they are woods, metals, walls and rocks, and fabrics.
  • Wetzel & Company, Inc. - Develops backgrounds textures and patterns of JPEG images for use with most graphics programs, includes black and white patterns, watercolor, art papers, pastels, and rich textural architectural photographs.

Others free models here

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