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At the ARCHIBASE planet you can do the following:

- To register yourself as a specialist of 3D-graphics (architect, engineer, designer, visualization specialist, engineer of adjacent industries and etc.) in the unified international database. The only stipulation is an ability to operate with CAD applications. After the registration you will get an opportunity to become a full member of architectural community of the Archibase planet. You will be automatically given a personal block, which provides a possibilities to edit and present any necessary information for customers and colleagues.

Important: If you don't have enough time or suffer difficulties with registration, send us your information and artworks to . Our administrator will place it on the site.

Step 1. Registration

Step 2. Identification data entry

Step 3. Confirmation on user’s registration

After registration your access password will be sent to the mentioned e-mail. Your personal block will be visible for all site visitors after verification of your registration by the administrator. However, you can edit, enter all data or any other information without confirmation. You will need to authorize yourself.

Step 4. Authorization

Step 5. Data enter and editing

Edit Personal Block:
Tags are being kept in the text block.

Add Your Staff:

Add Your Artworks:

Post Jobs:

You can place any announcement related to project activity of your company, as well as to open vacancies or joint development of competitive project. It will be visible at the main page after administrator’s verification.

It’s important! You need to pass through the separate registration at the ARCHIBASE planet’s forum, as it is available not only for specialists – architects but for all site visitors!

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